Friday, November 21, 2008

Last "Carter" Day!

Going in for a kiss!!!
I'm not sure what Carter thought of Callie giving him hugs!!!

I got to keep out alot of my "boy" toys from Josiah and Jacob for Carter. Callie isn't much interested in them, but Carter sure did love them!

So Friday was our last day with Carter! I found myself staring at him throughout the day, much like I did with Anderson on Tuesday. We had a great day together - he and Callie were especially cute (they must have known I was staring!!!), and I got some fun pictures. She's going to miss having her little buddy around! We'll miss you Carter-boy!


Judy said...

Oh he is a cute boy! I love that blond hair! No wonder Callie was loving on him. It looks like they're sweet friends!

anthonyandbeth said...

bye Carter! you've been a real blessing to the Judds i know! so sweet to celebrate his last day! :)