Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy 6th Birthday Josiah!

Friday was Josiah's 6th birthday. How quickly time flies by. He was born on Thanksgiving Day six years ago - and in some ways, it feels like just yesterday. He is growing to be such a young man - he has a very tender heart and has grown so much since starting school this year. He loves to play with his brother and his dad more than anything I think. Quite often, he proudly declares that he does something or likes something just like daddy. He has always been very bright, but more than that, he has an unbelievable love of learning. As we have watched his reading take off this year, it is amazing to see this love grow even more. We pray that he will continue to be sensitive to the leading of the Lord, and use his gifts to be a wonderful leader and servant of the Lord.

Between all the birthday fun and celebrations, we also set up our Christmas decorations. The kids had a blast with this, and remembered many of the ornaments and decorations as they came out of the box. Being quite a traditionalist, I LOVED seeing this! We had our Christmas candles burning and the music playing - it was wonderful!!! We ate our Thanksgiving meal that night that we were SO thankful was delicious! The evening ended with birthday cake for Josiah (lemon with cream cheese frosting). He changed his mind about 5 times about his cake, but finally decided on superman. What a day!!!

(good grief...blogger did something weird with the order of these pictures again...sorry, i don't have the energy to move them around!!!!)

We don't have one of those "fussy" nativity sets that the kids can't touch - it's the same kind that we had growing up. My mom's mom bought it for her when my two older sisters were little - she wanted them to be able to touch and play with it too. There's nothing I love more than seeing the kids play with it!
All 3 kids loved getting up in the attic to help David bring down the Christmas decorations!

My sweet six year old - I can't believe it!

Donuts for breakfast!!!

Callie got to help David do the angel this year!

Callie helped me make Josiah's cake...and lick the spatula! :)


The Stein Family said...

Happy Birthday Josiah!
I can't believe you've already gotten your Christmas decorations up...must be because of allt hose great helpers of yours :)

anthonyandbeth said...

Happy Birthday Josiah! LOVE the cake! i think it would be so much fun to decorate for Christmas on your birthday! that's special! :)