Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our Harvest Party

We spent the afternoon last Thursday (the day before Halloween) at Heidi's house. We had the BEST time! We put the babies down for naps and then we all sat and ate lunch and chatted together. The kids played happily and we didn't hear from them for a LONG time....until they were ready for the promised cupcake-decorating. They enjoyed their "harvest party" together, and we mommies enjoyed our girl time together. It was the perfect afternoon - thanks Heidi, Jayne, and Sue!!

You see Sue? My boys will bring out the rough-housing side of ANYONE!!! :)

We had quite a time trying to get a group picture of all the kids. But Jacob and Alayna were in their own little happy bubble!

Poor Grayson was in the sun and didn't want to move. But the rest of the kids (L-R) is Josiah, Callie, Bradley (on his knees), Alayna, Jacob, Hamilton (in the chair), and Alexander. What a bunch!
And here's the happy, refreshed, fed mommies!!! Jayne, Sue, Heidi (in her 7th month of pregnancy - if only we all looked as good as she does at this point of pregnancy!!!) and me

Callie ALWAYS enjoys cupcakes!

The sad thing about this picture is she's actually eating the one that Grayson decorated. He decorated it so carefully and then hopped down from his seat to do something. Fatal mistake. She saw the empty chair, hopped up, and shoved it in her mouth so fast nobody even knew what happened. Poor little guy. He's an only child so he's not used to having to "protect" his stuff like that - I felt so bad!!!

Heidi - I missed getting a picture of Bradley doing this!!! (bathroom calls....)

And this is the result of an afternoon of fun like that!!!


Heidi said...

I loved having you guys over and hanging out. You'd never know we had 9 kids in the house huh!? Your so sweet about your prego comment!!

Jen said...

How in the world is Josiah's neck not stuck like that. That is hysterical! Looks like a fun afternoon - phew...9 kids - that's a lot!

anthonyandbeth said...

so fun. y'all have had some very special times you ladies! i know the kids treasure these friendships! glad y'all were able to talk while the kids played and get some girl time in! decorating your own cupcakes must me the new thing. i've seen that at a lot of parties recently. HILARIOUS about Callie being the cupcake snatcher!!! ;)