Saturday, September 13, 2008

Whew!!! But what a GREAT day!!

Started the morning off with my long run - 11 miles this week. It was long and hard, but good. My favorite part was when David showed up with the kids and Josiah, in his jammies, ran out to give me my Gatorade. My not so favorite part? When my hands were so sweaty that I couldn't open my sport beans (they're like jelly beans, except they are full of carbs and electrolytes to replenish what you lose when running for that long...). That was frustrating, because it would have really helped to have that boost! Oh well. It was good.

Then I was off to a women's ministry leadership meeting at church. Since I'm in charge of coordinating all the biblestudies this year, it was exciting to report back to them on how the first week went. I was thrilled to share with them that we started our 5 women's studies this last week - 3 on Weds. AM and 2 on Thurs PM. And we had about 70 women enrolled in these studies! So exciting. In the past few years, we've only offered 1 women's study which has held about 40 women. I'm excited to see these additional women able to get into studying the Word, and see how God is going to use them as a result!

We laid Callie down early to get a little bit of a nap (a little more than an hour I suppose), because at noon we were off to see our high school play their first home game! Alot of David's students are playing, and the kids always love to see it (well, and play in the dirt). The school threw a big tailgate party with food, face painting, and bounce houses, so it was QUITE the event!! Although quite hot (we moms were hot and sweaty!!!), the kids had a BALL! I convinced Mandy to bring her kids, and they even saw one of their other new friends from kindergarten their too. Sadie and Callie had a ball trying to keep up with the big boys! The Seahawks (that's us!) won 28-6, so it was a GREAT afternoon!!! The kids were FILTHY dirty, but stayed awake until we got home at 5:15 and went straight to the bathtub. After dinner, they headed back to bed with David, who promised to read them a comic book story. I fully expect they are WAY asleep by now (6:49 pm) after all of that energy exerted today with no nap! But what fun! :)

Praying for those in Houston today. Heard about a lady that had evacuated to a shelter in San Antonio and gave BIRTH to her baby in the bathroom at the shelter!!! Thank heavens she evacuated!!! Praying for Beth Moore and her LPM staff. Beth Moore's family evacuated to their ranch, but praying for their staff and their headquarters there in Houston too!!

Looking forward to a wonderful day of worship tomorrow too!!! Good night ya'll!!

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anthonyandbeth said...

sports beans? wow, all kinds of things i've never heard of. :) good for you on the 11 miles!

sounds like the Bible Studies have been well received! that's awesome!

and the game/tailgate party sounds like it was super fun, even though it was hot. and you all had friends to play with while you were there. :)

a GREAT day! :)