Monday, September 29, 2008

My kids have ruined me!!

Do you have things that you call a certain thing because that's what your mom always did? Even though it's not the proper name? For example, we say "fridgerator" in our house - not "fridge" or "refrigerator". Also, growing up, we always called granola bars "crunchy bars". Who knows why, we just did. I thought everyone did. Sort of like I thought everyone ate macaroni & cheese as a main dish, not a side dish. Because that's how our family did.

Well, as I was grocery shopping yesterday, I remembered that I had forgotten one of Jacob's requests. As I turned around to go back down the aisle I missed, I thought to myself "Shoot - i've got to go back and get some more squares with frosting for Jacob." Squares with frosting? that would be what the rest of world calls "Shredded Wheat" cereal. My boys LOVE it. They've always called it squares with frosting. And now they've got me doing it too. Sigh. They've taken over my brain! :)


Judy said...

For some reason when Christian first started talking he called hotdogs "sock dogs." Well, it stuck and now we call them sock dogs. No one outside of our little family ever knows what we're talking about. At least your "squares with frosting" makes sense. "Sock dogs" makes no sense!

The Stein Family said...

When Clara started learning her colors everything got the proper color attached to it's name...we go to the 'Red Circle Store' not Target and she eats 'Brown squares' aka Cinnamon Toast Crunch or 'color circles' aka Fruity Cheerios for breakfast -- there are many more, sometimes I feel as though she has her own language...that could explain why it always seems that Jonathan is in his own little world as well :)

Tiffany said...

LOVE IT Katy......I can so relate...Paiyton calls Marshmellows..."Marshpello's" and Pop Sickles are "Lolipop" now that is what we ALL call them. I love it though...the child likeness of it and it's fun!