Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Battleship Wisconsin

After dropping Josiah off and then getting my run in, Jacob, Callie, and I headed downtown to see the Battleship Wisconsin. The last time we went, Jacob was just a baby. I thought it would be a fun thing to climb all around and get a little bit of education in too. I have so enjoyed our week together with these two sweeties - so here was another fun adventure!

Jacob spotted the Blue Angel above the museum. He said "Mom, is that plane going to fly all the way to the air show?" (We're going to the air show this weekend, and they are SO excited). He was a little bit bummed to hear that this one was just a statue.
This is how Callie walked around most of the ship - stopping every so often to smash her face up against the net railings to see the water. So cute.
Jacob loved the cannons! He also was very emphatic about wanting to climb up and down every ladder that we could, so we had a GREAT time exploring this battleship. They were having a reenlistment ceremony this morning also, so we were able to see several sailors that were reenlisting. There was one family in the elevator with us - 2 little girls that were probably 2 and 6 months or so. He was reenlisting and had his uniform on with all his medals. We thanked him for serving and for keeping us safe. I LOVE living in a military city! I'm so grateful!


Jen said...

Very cool. We'll be at the air show some too this weekend - Joe's a fanatic. See you there.

anthonyandbeth said...

so fun! jacob look so BIG boy in his pants! ahhh! i need to see your kids!!! and SO jealous about the air show! remember when we went and it was SO hot and i had that incident that we won't talk about over the internet!!!! :) i wish we could go! but we'll be baby dedicating and spending the weekend with Mimi and Papa so it's not so bad! :)