Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Monday!

What a weekend! I'll begin by apologizing to all of you - I did NOT take my camera with me this weekend. Totally forgot. And David harassed me about it all day on Saturday. There WAS a tiny piece of me relieved not to have the "assignment" of taking pictures all day. Sometimes it is nice just to enjoy and watch your kids enjoying something. Still, sad not to have pictures from all the fun.

Saturday morning began with my last LONG run before the race - 12 miles!! It was good, but...long!! This Saturday I taper down to only 8 miles, then the following weekend is race weekend! Hard to believe. The first part of my run this weekend was hard mentally. My brain was churning a bunch of stuff that I was laboring over. Got through it, and finished well.

After getting home and showering, we headed out to enjoy our "free museum day". Thanks Smithsonian!! it was fabulous! We crossed the "big" bridge and tunnel and enjoyed the Living Museum over in NN. Unbelievable. I'd heard great things, but had never taken the kids over there. They loved it!!! It was sort of a cross between a hands-on science museum and a zoo! They had a fabulous outdoor trail that we spent a lot of time on - they had animals all along the trail, and it was amazing to watch. Otters, beavers, wolves, deer, turkey, birds, skunks, foxes - it was amazing. All three of the kids were totally captivated by it. Inside the museum, the boys especially enjoyed the virtual frog dissection!! GROSS! It was a kiosk that had a touch screen, and enabled you to virtually dissect a frog. They thought it was the coolest!! We ran into Heidi & Sue with their families as we were getting ready to head home. (David was happy to see that people DO read my blog and do the FREE stuff that I always coerce him into doing!)

Callie took a nap on the way home, and we stopped by the oceanfront on our way. We just HAD to see the sandcastle competition. Once again, it was totally amazing. It was a big festival weekend, and they also held the North American Sand Sculpting competition that we like to see every year. I was worried about it this year because we had such torrential downpours on Thursday - I was wondering if they'd all been washed away! We had a great time, and enjoyed getting to play on the beach, as always.

It was quite a full day on Saturday, so Sunday was more low-key. While the kids napped, I headed to Wal-mart and BJs to shop for 2 clients and also our family. David worked on his lesson plans and school work, and I cooked for my client last night. Our house still sort of smells like onions this morning, but I suppose it's a hazard of the job! :)

So it was a great weekend. Busy, but fun. Josiah has his first field trip this week with school, and we're both so excited about that. Jacob asked if we could go to the pool soon since it's been so nice outside, so we're going to work that into the schedule too. And Callie? Well, her top molars are through, but the bottom ones are still working on it, so she's a little growly. Hilarious most of the time, but a bit growly too! :)

Oh - and the Titans are 4-0 so far! Yippee!!


Judy said...

The sand castle competition sounds like so much fun. I would have loved to see that. I'm sure it was amazing! Won't it be nice when all the teething is over? We've got a long road ahead of us. McKenna just got her first tooth this week and she has been growly too!

Jen said...

Glad you got to take advantage of the free museums - I knew you would. We loved the sand castles too - very cool. Have fun on the field trip, we just had our first one today!