Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy Friday!

Hello everyone! I kept meaning to post yesterday, but never got around to it. We had a WONDERFUL day though. I spent the morning at the beach with Jacob and Callie yesterday. It was so relaxing (it always is), although sort of strange too - it was the first time without Josiah. I am still getting used to how quiet things are...because I miss hearing Josiah and Jacob. I am loving all the one-on-one time with Jacob though - now that I don't have to share him with josiah in the mornings! We had a great time. Then in the afternoon, Jacob and Josiah played absolutely wonderfully together...for hours and hours. No fighting, no bickering, no getting hurt. They just were in their own world. It was a perfect day.

We had band practice last night for Kinetic though, and it was our first late night since starting school. Major ugh. The kids were SO tired when we got home, and were still pretty tired this morning. 2 are down for naps, with 1 more to go. I'm sleepy too from having to stay up so late the last two nights to hear the convention speeches. I thought once the Olympics were over I'd get back to my normal night of sleep. Oh well. Tonight!

We're keeping a close eye on these hurricanes too. With 3 sisters in Florida, I get pretty good updates from them as well. Hanna is supposed to be coming tonight and tomorrow, so we'll see what kind of effects we feel from that. And then Ike and Josephine...tis the season I suppose! Everyone get your batteries ready! :)


Jayne said...

Half-day school is a perfect set-up for you. You get that time with Jacob that you've never really had, adn then in the afternoon, you can maybe get other things done as the boys entertain themselves. Yeah for new routines, but sigh about the evening activities. We are going through that whole conversation right now!

Judy said...

Happy Friday to you too!!

We've been staying up too late to watch the RNC convention speeches along with 37 million other people! I'm glad American's are starting to care and take an interest in the value of their vote!!

anthonyandbeth said...

wed. nights are like that for us. it makes for a tired school boy on thursday! :) sounds like they played so wonderfully together...i wish it could always be like that. i cherish those times!