Saturday, September 20, 2008

I Love Jet Noise!

As you all know, I was SO excited that it was Airshow weekend! We have gone almost every year since we've lived here in the area and we always LOVE it! My dad used to fly the F-4 in the Marines, so I LOVE jet noise! (Not as a child - i would cry ALL the time...but I digress) Anyways, we love going to the air show, and it gets more and more fun to get to take our kids and see them enjoy it. The boys, of course, remembered it from last year and were so excited to see the Blue Angels and get to climb in and out of the airplaces and helicopters and things. Callie was so excited to see so many airplanes all in one place - she just kept pointing to all of them and exclaiming! This was the first year we actually got to see the Blue Angels fly. They are always the last flight demonstration of the program, and the kids are usually falling apart or in dire need of naps by that time, because we've always gone early to see some of the other stuff. This year, we decided to go later, let Callie take a little bit of a nap, so we could go and see the Blue Angels. It was amazing. I am so grateful for all that these men and women to do protect our country and our freedoms. I love that my kids absolutely think that soldiers are the BEST. It was quite a day!

I'm so annoyed that my eyes are closed. Oh well. Here we were getting settled into our seats. The boys were VERY intent on their plates of food - Callie and I were ready for the show to start!
Callie liked the headphones for a little bit. Then she liked the earplugs in her ears for a little bit. Then she wanted everything off!

She clapped for all of the maneuvers - so hilarious.
One of their tricks was two planes coming from opposite ends of the sky, meet in the middle, flip around and go back. RIGHT in front of us! So cool!
Jacob...wouldn't take his hot dog out of his mouth for me to take a picture! Good grief!
And Josiah wouldn't stop eating this piece of chocolate cake for me to take a picture! What is the deal with these boys! You'd think I never feed them!

For real people - these aren't FAKE internet pictures. This was what we saw right in front of us!! I love the top picture - it shows just how CLOSELY they fly in formation. 18 inches apart from plane to plane! HELLO! They are the BEST for a reason!

After the Blue Angels were done, the boys were so excited to run around and climb in and out of everything. They loved it!


jenn said...

So fun!

Jen said...

Nothing like it is there? Glad everyone made it through to see it all this year! Let Freedom Ring!

the mccollums... said...

looks like such a fun time! This reminds me of when I was younger...growing up in the military and having a house full of boys we did all this fun stuff too...we especially loved the Blue Angels since my dad was in the Navy! :) The boys will always remember these times!

Tiffany said...

What fun....we love going to the air shows too. You all will have such fun memories of these times! Your kids will also love to look back on all the pictures of the fun events done as a family.

anthonyandbeth said...

oh we would have LOVED to be there! you got some great pictures! maybe next year! ;)