Sunday, July 15, 2007

We Miss You Already, Daddy!

Well, we are hoping that time really does fly by!! David left today for a two week trip to Indiana. He was called up there at the last minute to do some work for an old boss that he used to work for every summer. It will be some good summer income for us, and we'll try hard to keep it together here at home until he comes back home. Josiah starts his swimming lessons tomorrow (Monday), and we're going to visit Harrison & Jackson (& Beth and Anthony) next weekend, so that will help keep us occupied. Until then, we're praying for everyone to stay healthy and to keep our happy hearts!!! We love you Daddy! Come home soon!


anthonyandbeth said...

How sweet! Josiah and David look great together! ..and the kisses goodbye are precious! I completely understand that airport goodbyes! Is David sporting some new facial hair? I don't remember it from July 4th. love you! B

Jayne said...

That's aweosme for David and ya'll. Your amazing Katy-I went immediately to sing your praises to Trevor. Super Mom is at it again! You'll tackle the next 2 weeks with such ease Katy-you take everything in stride! Call if you need anything.

Heidi said...

How sweet!!! I know daddy will miss them just as much as they'll miss him. Many prayers and blessings to you this next few weeks.