Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Another Successful Day!

We've now made it down to 10 more sleeps until David comes home! Hooray! I took these pictures of the boys talking to David tonight before bed. Don't they look sad and pitiful!!! We roughhoused for a little bit tonight after dinner, and both boys said I didn't do as good as Daddy does!!

We had a great day today - another good workout for me followed by another successful swimming lesson for Josiah. After lessons, we met Jayne and Grayson to swim and had a blast! I must say that Josiah was happy to have a captive audience see all his new tricks! The boys quite enjoyed themselves and I had a great time having someone else to talk to at the pool!! Jayne took some adorable pictures of the kids all playing, but my hands were full swimming with Callie so you'll have to check her blog out for the pics.

The kids all had great naps and we were even able to hit the grocery story this afternoon for some fresh fruit and a few car "treats" for our trip tomorrow. We'll leave tomorrow afternoon to head to Raleigh to visit Beth and her family. We're ALL very excited!


Natalie said...

Hope you have a fantastic time! Have a safe trip...before you know it David will be home:)

Jayne said...

Have a great time! We'll do the pool again when you get back.

Heidi said...

I know you've already left for your trip, but hope you are having a great time and we hope to see you at the pool next week.

dandsratz said...

Katy--these pictures--David will feel like a million dollars looking at those sweet little faces missing him!! We hope that you had a GREAT trip!! And to many more fun days at the pool!! :)