Sunday, July 22, 2007

Back at Home

We had a FABULOUS time in Raleigh this weekend with our dear friends and just got home tonight about an hour ago. The ride home was nice and quiet and uneventful!! Everyone is snug as a bug in the rug in their own beds, and I'm heading there myself. I think after swim lessons tomorrow, we'll ALL be taking early naps tomorrow! I'll try to catch up my blog tomorrow - until then, you can look at Beth's blog! She's on the ball! :)


anthonyandbeth said...

I'm not letting you off the hook! You got some great photos this weekend and I want to see them! You'll have to put yourself to work tonight...or at least soon! :)
We had such a great time and miss you guys already! Looking forward to the next visit! love, Beth

Jayne said...

Glad you made it home okay! You must have had extra time on your hands the next day because it took me a while to read about all your fun and leave my two-cents-worth!!