Friday, July 6, 2007

Unexpected Presents

So when we got home from the 4th of July festivities at 10:30 pm, we found our doorstep had some boxes of "stuff" on it. Not sure what it was (there was no note), we took it inside (after depositing the sleeping children of course) and I started pilfering through it. I finally figured out that it was from my neighbor - she had gone through her kids' closets to get rid of some things and found some items that she thought the boys would enjoy. Boy, was she right! The boys awoke the next morning and the first thing that they found in my room was two pairs of roller skates!!! They insisted on going outside immediately to try them on!!

Later that morning, they finally decided to take a break from skating and discovered a Batman costume in the box!!! Josiah was especially thrilled about this as he had literally been talking about wanting a Batman costume for his birthday. We prayed and thanked God for caring about these "little" details in our lives that afternoon. How thankful we were for these unexpected presents!! We have been having so much fun the last two days with these!


anthonyandbeth said...

Look at those Super Hero's! They are just adorable! I know the boys are having a blast with their new presents!

dandsratz said...

Look at those boys on their new roller skates! YEAH!!! They are the new Schrodt super heros! Isn't it SOO neat when the Lord gives us those blessings like that!!

Heidi said...

Look at your little super heros up in the tree. I bet they felt like the real deal up there protecting your house from the "bad guys" It's a whole new world for kids with one little thing isn't it. Good for them!!