Thursday, March 15, 2012

Too much complaining

Far too much whining after school. Way too much complaining. Way too many nights of hearing about how they don't like what I made. Or how many bites do I have to eat? Or can't I just have cereal instead? So mommy took the night off from dinner and the boys cooked. They were not happy when they were informed of the night's agenda. I didn't care.
Halfway through the cooking of spaghetti, Josiah said "this is actually kind of fun". He's never been one to want to help in the kitchen a whole lot, but I think he loved the idea of doing it on his own!
Jacob was in charge of the crescent rolls, corn, and salad. :)
They did a great job. We all praised them and told them how wonderful it was. They realized how much work goes in to feeding a family of 6 and hopefully will be a tad more appreciative. I enjoyed sitting on the couch with my feet up playing on my phone (of course in between all the instructions-giving, pouring out the boiling water, putting the rolls in the oven, etc, etc). It was a good lesson and one that I probably need to have them do more often. The boys seemed to actually enjoy it and have asked when "their" day to cook will be again! (they did say "please not thursdays because we already have to take all the trash out on thursdays and that's too many things for us to do in one night") :)

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