Friday, March 16, 2012

New Friends at the Zoo

We have renamed our two youngest children. Callie and Caleb were very cute names, but it is no longer appropriate. Their new names, and MUCH more fitting, are Pete and Repeat.

Callie fell in love with an old Carebear that she found at my moms house when we visited in February. It belonged to my sister Kelli when she was little. Callie was SO upset when we left and has talked about it ever since. So you can IMAGINE how thrilled she was when David came home with this Carebear from work the other day. She had a miniature version of the same one which she prompted gave to Caleb and the four of them have been completely inseparable.

So of COURSE they had to come to zoo with us today!

"Mom, take a picture of us eating bamboo!" (I'm telling you, Caleb does EVERYTHING that Callie does!!)
Bet you thought only panda bears ate bamboo! Turns out Care Bears do too!!

Funny story - while we were at the zoo, the kids were playing on the little playground there for a bit. Callie and her bear were coming down the slides together. Then she comes over to me and says "Mom, I am helping my bear to not be afraid of heights." I said "that's great Callie! Just tell her that slides are fun and that she doesn't have to be afraid!" She looks at me -totally serious - and says "Mom. She's not real". Oh. Of course.
Think the zoo tired her out? :) She has laid like this ever since she was a baby. She was curled up like this when she was inside my belly, would lay like this on David's chest as an infant, and still sleeps like this VERY often. You would think that at some point it would get less comfortable to have her legs all the way pulled up like that and totally spread out flat. I suppose she'll have very flexible hip joints or something!!
Brushing the bears teeth before bed...of course! (wondering how David feels about his son carrying around a purple care bear??)


sandi said...

morgan has an elephant that goes everywhere (except church) grocery store, school, car, zoo... *ellie* has recently started wearing floral underwear. not sure how i feel about that.

purple care bear huh?

jenn said...

um. how are they so big?!?!?! what?!