Thursday, March 15, 2012

Another one for the wedding reception...

Seriously. These two are already in love. Caleb and Baby Alyssa. Her momma is a sweet friend of mine in choir and we've already arranged their marriage. I know I've put other pictures of these two lovebirds on here before but I've never seen anything like it! Caleb gets all goofy and googly eyed when he sees her and she just GRINS and GRINS at him! She got to come play for an hour or so after I coerced her momma to go check out the consignment sale and Caleb could not have been more thrilled! He just kept giving her toys and rolling her the ball. And then all of a sudden he just grabbed her and hugged her and said "I wub you baby 'lissa. So much!" The cutest!
Okay so this one won't be in the reception slideshow, but Callie had changed into another of her new outfits that I got her at the consignment sale and informed me that she needed me to take a picture and send it to Tutu so she could see it :). This girl LOVES clothes and is always SO excited when I find things for her!

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