Monday, March 26, 2012

A New Week!

It's a new week! A good, full weekend was had over here. They never seem to last long enough, but we'll take what we get! :) This week is going to be a fun, full one! A certain little girl turns 5 on Monday and her birthday party is this weekend. Stay tuned for lots of PINK pictures! :)
The Easter Egg Tree is UP!! (And the kids ask me EVERY day - "are there treats in those eggs"?)
I ordered my 2011 blog books - YES! Am SO excited to see them! I pulled my old ones out from the end table last week and I can't TELL you how it thrills me that my kids love to sit and look through all the pictures! Makes it ALL worth it!! Caleb squeals over every picture and says "Mom! Come see you!!" It's adorable. Callie tends to comment over what people are wearing :)
We went to the playground this morning, and on our way home, Callie declared (and of course Caleb repeated) that her arms were too tired and her baby was going to have to walk home :)
I promise we don't carry our REAL kids like this - not sure where they got this one! :)


anthonyandbeth said...

Maybe you can hold the new baby like that??? :-). Love the Easter tree!

Judy said...

I need to order some blog books.... must do it!!!! I love that they love to sit there and look at them :)