Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A few happies...

A few things that made me happy today:
Fresh cut pineapple with the BEST tool ever!! Beth got me a pineapple cutting tool thingie (pretty sure that's not the official name) from Pampered Chef one year for Christmas and it is probably the coolest kitchen gadget I have. Cores & slices pineapple in 5 seconds! LOVE it! And LOVE that pineapples are on sale for 99 cents this week....
Got David this cute little k-cup carousel thing...for FREE at Office Depot (go figure...they had lowest price by $10!) today because I had a rewards certificate to use. AWESOME! He's going to be so excited!
Got these for a penny at Publix today!

No picture, but I also got 10 jars of my favorite spaghetti sauce (prego - one of the few things that I am TOTALLY brand loyal to) for $2.63. TOTAL. Happy Katy!

Hmmm....noticing that all these things that made me happy are food related....wonder what that means? I'm sure Bob Harper or Jillian Michaels would have something to say about that...

Now things that didn't make me too happy:

* Shopping at Kohls for some nursing apparel undergarments. Not fun. At all.

* Waking up from my nap to discover that the 2 year old that I THOUGHT was totally asleep before I went to sleep did not ACTUALLY sleep. He instead played in his room and then got poop all over the bathroom when he TRIED to go potty by himself. (Aren't you glad there are no pictures of that??)

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sandi said...

glad you at least got a nap! and thanks for no picures.