Wednesday, March 14, 2012

AWANA Grand Prix 2012

It's that time again! AWANA Grand Prix time! :)

Josiah's Car - a Wii remote
Jacob's car - a Pencil
Being the totally on top of things mom that I am, I realized as we were CHECKING in that I hadn't taken any pictures of their cars yet! So of course I made them stop in the hallway and take their pictures...and of course they were horrified and totally embarrassed (hence the "cool" faces so as not to be totally humiliated) :)
Jacob's first time down the track...
Josiah's first run down the track...
Boys had a blast - Josiah won 1st place for Speed - he was thrilled! No trophies for Jacob this year, but he handled it like a champ. He won 1st place Speed last year and so he thought it was great that we were keeping the title in our family at least :) Fun evening! (and then it got even funner because I left the kids with David who was still having band practice at church while I ran to the kids consignment sale to do my early shopping! I volunteered this year in addition to consigning so I got first dibs on everything - and totally scored! Got Callie a good start on spring clothes and got me several maternity things since I'm starting from zero this time around! SUPER thrilled! )

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sandi said...

i had morgan try on her summer things from last year while getting ready for this sale... keep in mind she is still three. she could not fit in the size 4/5 shorts from last year. all i had for her was one pair of shorts, no shirts and four dresses. great timing for our sale here. sam needed minimal and so did meredith. got a cute skirt for $3 for me (girls 16). now hoping my things sell.