Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Wax Museum

All of the 3rd graders are learning about South Carolina history this year as part of their Social Studies curriculum. One of their projects was to put on a "wax museum". They were each assigned a famous South Carolinian that they had to research and write a little paragraph about. Then they memorized it and prepared for the evening of the wax museum where all the families were invited to come and see! :)
The kids were all lined up all over the school with little red dots on their shoulders "their buttons". People would come up, push their "buttons", and the kids would recite their speech and come alive as their character. It was the cutest! Josiah took it VERY seriously...even when Callie pushed his button about 4 times in a row! :)
Caleb totally got into it - loved pushing ALL the kids' buttons!
He especially loved the sports people of course! (I didn't get a picture, but one of Josiah's friends got to dress up as Steve Spurrier - USC football coach. At the end of his recitation, he threw his visor to the ground in disgust - just like Spurrier does! It was hilarious!)
Josiah was Craig Melvin, one of the news anchors from the area. He did a great job and we were very proud of him! :)

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sandi said...

we do the wax museum also but it is a fourth grade project. some of the ones the children choose are hysterical. love the visor of spurrier being thrown down.