Monday, February 20, 2012

Another reason you are ALL going to want to come visit us!!

Monday was a holiday thanks to some great Presidents of the past, so the kids and I (and a few extras - Noah and Abby came along too) headed...where else? To the zoo! :)
One of the reasons the kids were EXTRA excited was that they had just opened a new climbing exhibit and they were DYING to try it out!!
It's over 3 stories high - CRAZY tall in my opinion! The kids all said it was SUPER fun, but much scarier than they thought it would be once they got up there :) See Jacob in the middle of that wobbly ladder thing? He was really freaked - but he did it!
That's Noah going across a tightrope...
Josiah and Abby getting ready to cross the wobbly bridge thing
Josiah, Jacob, and Noah

They loved and said they can't wait to do it again. David was SO bummed he missed out (the church didn't have the holiday) and can't wait until the next time we go so he can try it out. Callie wants to do it too (!!!!) but she isn't tall enough by herself (duh) and has to go with a parent - which would NOT be me!!
See the huge gorilla behind Caleb? This picture made my heart skip a beat because even though I KNOW there is a glass wall in between that huge gorilla and my baby, it still looks scary!
6 kids on a monkey...or is it 6 monkeys on a monkey? :)

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