Friday, February 3, 2012

Port Discovery

After breakfast, we got in the car and headed to Baltimore to check out their newest children's museum. We had heard great things about it, and seeing as how it's much COLDER in Virginia than it was in SC, we were happy to find something fun to do inside! :) It did not disappoint! Tons of things for all the kids - I only took a few pictures but we had a blast!
Remember Caleb's obsession with horses? He would have brushed this tail for hours I think!
This was Caleb's other favorite thing. It was like a giant assembly line - talking about factory workers and their jobs in assembly line work. Caleb and Callie loved it! The boys said that would be a very boring job :). It's hard work to stay focused on the same thing like that all day!
This was one of those huge balance puzzles that you have to work together to try and get the ball to the end of the maze without falling through the holes. I need one of these in my house to teach them to work together! :)

This was the reading room area - tons of books and puzzles and quiet painting rocks with water :)
In the science area - which Josiah loved!
Jacob and Tutu working on balancing a city - too much in any one area and it all falls apart :) Oh the lessons in play!
The diner was one of our favorites. The kids really got into being the waiters and waitress and cooks and dishwashers - i loved it! This was the meal they brought me...
and THIS was what they brought to my mom!! :)
Isn't he the cutest little cook you ever saw?
And then we went to the water room last....where we probably could have stayed all day. Thankfully my mom had read on the website that you may want to pack an extra set of we did. Which meant the kids could totally enjoy themselves and I didn't have to be a freak show about them getting wet. It was great!

Surfer girl :)
Trying VERY hard to get the bubble all the way up to their heads. It took MANY attempts, but they finally got it!
This was NOT a successful attempt. Caleb kept touching the bubble and popping it...which infuriated Josiah and Jacob :)
Window washers :)
Plum tuckered out!
They were supposed to sleep in two different rooms but begged and pleaded to get to sleep together - which they've never done. I told them they could try but they had to go RIGHT to sleep. They were asleep in 5 minutes!!! Precious. They were SO happy to be together!

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