Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day this week was pretty low key. Not my favorite holiday for a few different reasons. But I was still feeling so bad and just was very much in survival mode and not much else. I did manage to get up early and make heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast and pack lunches with heart-shaped sandwiches...but that was about all I could manage. David did surprise us all with cards in the morning and a box of chocolates - the kids all thought that was super great! :) I couldn't even open mine until much later in the day...the smells...
Later that afternoon we joined Josiah in his class. They had been working towards earning an ice cream party for several weeks. For every multiplication family that they learned (5s, 3s, 10s, 12s, etc), they earned a different component for the ice cream sundae (a scoop of chocolate ice cream, whipped cream, sprinkles, etc). It was a really cute incentive for them to learn all their multiplcation facts!
Their party was on Valentine's Day and the kids were so excited :)
While grocery shopping, I sent David this picture to represent the 10 boxes of his favorite cereal that I bought him. They were finally on sale again and I'd been saving my coupons. Not them most romantic gift, but he was happy!
That night, the Music & Missions team hosted a parents night out service project for our kids. The parents dropped them off at church and could then go out for a few hours. We took the kids to a retirement center and sang to the residents one of the songs we've been learning for our spring musical called "L-O-V-E, Love!". The kids had also made little slipper socks for each of them using regular socks and puffy paint, so they got to distribute those and talk with the people for a bit. It was a really neat way to show people God's love and put our words to actions!!!

Josiah read to all the kids when we got home that night. I was done. I am thankful for these kids God has blessed me with. It's amazing to think on how my love has grown and multiplied with them over and over. And for the very small glimpse that it has given me about how God loves us!

The BEST news of the day though, was that Kelli called Mom and gave her the news that she TOO is pregnant!!! I had known since the very beginning of January when I told her my news and had been about to BURST with the excitement! Mom was thrilled and I was relieved to finally have ALL the secrets out!! Kelli is due September 10 - just a few weeks after me - and it's been fun to pregnant AGAIN together! Joe and Caleb are such great buddies since they are only 3 months apart in age, so we are excited to have two more the same way!! :)

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Courtney said...

that's SO fun!!!! to be pregnant with kelli again!