Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Telling the Rest of the World

Once I got home from telling my Mom and calling the rest of our family, David was relieved to finally get to spill the beans! After all, I was 13 weeks along now and it was getting increasingly hard to keep it a secret. I had been hiding under a sweatshirt every time I was at church for weeks!! He made the announcement at staff meeting and I posted it on facebook for the world to see! And the crazy comments started rolling in....and lots of great ones too but the crazy ones tend to stick with you :)
David's hilarious pianist gave us this jar of pickles :)
she is a total riot!
On facebook, I posted the car decals picture with the following caption: "Looks like we'll need to be adding another stick figure - Baby Schrodt #5 is coming in August!!! Once it's facebook official, the whole WORLD knows! :)

First belly picture at 13 weeks. Sigh. Once you've already had 4 babies, your body seems to pop right back out and knows exactly what to do!!

1 comment:

sandi said...

you are just as beautiful as the last time i saw you.

okay, i just thought about that comment and the fact that we were both bawling like babies so neither one of us looked exceptionally beautiful.

so, ummmm, you look as beautiful as the second to last time i saw you.