Thursday, February 2, 2012

Telling the Kids & My Mom

We decided several weeks ago that it would be a great weekend to go visit my Mom. The kids had off of school on Friday and her birthday was Monday. Because the Super Bowl was Sunday (and it was terrible teams that I had ZERO interest in), there were no Sunday night activities that i needed to be there for (no children's choir) and so it was the perfect weekend to escape. I was dying to be able to tell her the news in person and so this was the opportunity!

We took the kids out of school early on Thursday and David brought them home after I finished leading biblestudy. I was packed and ready to go and we sat down to have lunch together before the kids and I took off. David said to the kids "You know, in August, we're going to need another place at the table." They all just looked at him and then Josiah said "Are we having another baby?" David said "YES!" and Josiah replied "Awkward!" Jacob squealed with excitement and Callie said "I know that!" She's been saying forever that we were going to have another baby...when we have our next baby girl, etc, etc. So she was not surprised at all - it apparently was expected by her! :) They were very excited and began asking a thousand questions. We told them that NOBODY else knew yet, and Jacob asked if he could call Tutu and tell her! I said "No! That's why we are going to see her - you can tell her when you see her!" It was very cute.

We were on the road by 12:30 or so and the kids did great on the road trip. It's about a 7 hour trip that takes us about 8 hours with stops. They are such great travellers - I'm very thankful. Jacob kept periodically asking questions about the baby along the trip - it was adorable. At one point he was concerned and asking if I was going to have to have surgery. Apparently he has heard about some of his friend's moms having csections. I told him that I didn't have to do that to have a baby. He then asked "well then how does the baby come out and is the baby going to bring us presents again like last time?" :) I chose to ignore the first question and tell him that yes, the baby was going to bring them presents again. (We always get each of the kids a little gift that the "baby" gives them at the hospital. Apparently it's made a big impression because they all still remember what they got!).

We finally got to Mom's house around 8:30 pm and as soon as we were all inside the house, Jacob looked at me and said "NOW can I tell her Mom?" I said yes and he and Callie said "We're having a baby!" Her mouth just dropped open and she said "Are you serious?" which she repeated about a thousand times. She kept looking at them and looking at me and I said "Yep! You don't joke about something like that!" She was totally shocked - it was hilarious! Then she switched into mom mode and said "you need to sit down! Can I get you some water? Let me get some crackers for you! etc etc" So funny. I told her that it was okay - I had felt the same thing for the first couple of months too so I understood! It was a total relief to have the news out! :)

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sandi said...

what a great story! funny that josiah said "awkward". your mom is funny too!

am still up watching some basketball with sam ~ shhh, don't tell john david! actually he knows he just went to bed earlier but it looks like sam is in until the end.