Saturday, February 18, 2012

Walking the Dam

It has been such a mild winter here and we have enjoyed the outside time. As much as we all would have loved some snow again this year, I am thankful to live somewhere where my young, active kids can play outside almost 12 months of the year!! :)

This particular Saturday, we had a free morning and decided to go walk on the dam by Lake Murray. (Well, before we walked the dam, we went to Krispy Kreme to use up some free donut coupons we had. Did you know they have a "Hot Now" app you can download for your phone? Now THAT is dangerous!) Anyways, I digress. There's a beautiful path and we thought the kids would enjoy taking their rollerblades and scooters out there. Caleb ran the entire first mile - seriously - trying to keep up with the boys on their blades. Callie enjoyed her scooter for about that long as well. We got to the halfway point across the dam (1 mile) and half the kids wanted to turn around and go home and the other half wanted to go all the way across (which they'd never done). I decided it would be good for them to keep pushing - after all, we are a healthy family and there is no reason why they can't make it another mile.

We probably should have turn around and go home. Caleb was exhausted from running and wanted to be carried (along with his scooter) and Callie was just a whiny drama queen mess. But we ignored and pushed through and made it all the way across. We were rewarded with this beautiful little spot with water and rocks and sticks - what more does a kid need? :) It was just the refreshment we needed (before walking another 2 miles back!!)

I remember just sitting and watching my kids piddle around and think about how MUCH we have to be thankful for!!! 4 healthy children. With legs that CAN walk two miles even if they whine and complain about it!

Before we started on the way back, it dawned on Josiah that we were going to have to walk 2 miles BACK across the dam to get back to our car. This was the reaction :)

And would you believe that Caleb, Callie and I all got a little bit of sunburn! Go figure - in the middle of winter!

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