Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Turn Back the Clocks Night!

Here's our gang - Natalie and Jessica were the only ones paying attention, I think! :) Here's who came: Chris & Jessica Jackson with Cody, Chris' police partner Steve, Natalie & Kevin Mann with Greyson & Parker, Dave & Sue Ratz with Alexander, Hamilton, & Madeline, Craig Boyer with Bradley, and then us Schrodts! So fun!

Who doesn't love cotton candy?

Josiah and Alexander with Alexander's FREE sno-cone!! Alexander just got in line and the sno-cone lady gave it to him! Sue was SO proud! :)
Me and my boyfriend! :)
Jessica got to steal Madeline away for a little bit - I never did get my hands on her last night! Bummer ! :(

My boys shared some of their cotton candy with Cody - big hit!
Jacob - this kid cracks me up!
Highlight - at the end of the game, the let all the kids run the bases! Alexander & Bradley ran them too, but all the other pictures were fuzzy...I guess because our boys are such fast runners!!
I will say that I was relieved to collect them on the other side of the field!!!

What fun we had last night! Several other families joined us for what has become a Schrodt family tradition!! For as long as we've lived here, we love to go out to a baseball game for our AAA team - they feed into the Orioles, and it's always so fun to enjoy the game with the kids. Once a year, they have a special night called "Turn Back the Clocks" night - where all the hot dogs, sodas, and popcorn is only 25 cents!! (too bad tickets aren't "turned back" too!) So this year we told our small group and friends about it and several took us up on the offer. We had a great time - my boys were REALLY into the game this year, which was fun to see. We left Callie with my running partner and enjoyed the night with our "big" boys!


Mandy said...

Love the pictures! Gotta love that blue cotton candy!:)

Jen said...

Glad ya'll got to go and didn't melt - ditto on loving the blue tongues!

Erica said...

What fun...i forgot about that this year. Guess our life has been crazy lately! Anyway, I will say it again, Katy, you look great. Truly makes going to the gym worthwhile, doesn't it? Looks like you have turned into a lifer (meaning a lifetime runner!)

anthonyandbeth said...

i know that was fun! you look so tan!!!

Heather J said...

Maybe next year it won't fall on my bday! As much as we would have loved to go, I just couldn't pass up a date nite with hubby at PF Changs!!! Glad y'all didn't melt with that crazy heat!

Heidi said...

The boys sure did have a good ole time the other night. Bradley love running the bases and of course the cotton candy UGH!! I told daddy "no cotton candy" it makes me cringe, but he said "how can I not?" So he did......sigh!!

Courtney said...

that looks like SO much fun! and fun that you got to enjoy it with JUST your boys! :-)