Friday, June 13, 2008

Three Firsts!!

First #1: Callie wore her first hair accessory last night!! Before we went to band practice for Kinetic, I put a little barrette in her hair and it was so cute! The boys got the biggest kick out of it - I think Callie even knew she was pretty!! They fought over who could pick which color of barrette she would wear this morning!! I'll have to take a picture. Maybe I'll have to actually go buy some bows now for the poor girl!

First #2: This is actually happening tomorrow, but David and I get to run our first race together! We're doing an 8K (5 miles) in the morning to benefit our children's hospital here. I say "together" rather loosely, because I'm not completely sure that David will stay with me...meaning he may leave me in the dust!! He has been doing so great with his training, and his speeds on his short runs have really picked up, so he may leave me behind!! I'm excited though! Our poor babysitter is having to meet us there at 7 AM...that's rough isn't it!

First #3: Josiah's first t-ball practice is tomorrow also. He's VERY excited - should be a fun season! Pictures to come, I'm sure!


Courtney said...

wow! fun stuff! have fun running with david. but you might not love it. it sounds great. pat and i ran together for the first time in charleston and i was so looking forward to it...but then didn't really like it. we just have different "styles" of running - him fast and short, me long and slower.

anthonyandbeth said...

i love all these firsts! can't wait to see Callie in a hair bow, hear about your "together" race, AND see pictures from the first T-Ball practice. Harrison will be excited for Josiah! i hope Josiah enjoys it as much has Harrison has. :) we need pictures!!!

Mandy said...

I love hairbows!!! Can't wait to see some photos:) Good luck on your race tomorrow! I hope you two enjoy running together! and good luck to Josiah starting his t-ball practices/games! It is so fun seeing them dressed up in their uniforms:) Such little men!:)