Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Schrodt Family RUNNERS!!!

Man oh man - look at my hottie husband!!! This was our before picture - right before the race! We were SO excited to get to run together...and we did stay together! :)
Here are the kids with Miss Lindsey - she watched the kids for us during our race. She was wonderful! She had the kids near the finish line watching for us - it was the best - and they were all so happy!
David attaching his timing chip...these chips were very frustrating!!! For my half-marathon, we had to cross OVER a pad at the start for the chip to activate. I assumed it was the same for this race. So they blew the horn, and the crowd started moving. We didn't start running because we were waiting to cross the start pad. Well, after walking for 3-4 minutes, we realized that there was NO start pad, and that we'd just wasted those minutes!! So annoying. My sister said that for some of these little races, they start the chips all at the same time when the gun goes off, rather than for each individual runner. Oh well. It threw us off because then our pace was off and we weren't totally sure of our time splits. Oh well.
Here's the happy, sweaty runners!! It really was a great race - nice and shady for a lot of the parts of it. I LOVED running it with David - this was my first little "local" race and it was so fun...David's first race at all, of course and he did great. We both felt good and had a good strong race. Our time was somewhere around 46 minutes. Again, annoyed about that, but nothing we could do. We were hoping to do it in 45 minutes. A great 5 mile run though!
Jacob enjoying the post-race snacks! I ate a piece of pizza too - it tasted so good! I realize that sounds weird to most of you - to eat pizza at 9 AM, but after you've run for an hour, you'd be surprised ! Jacob agreed - he ate the whole piece! Then it was time to get ready for the kids' 1 mile fun run!
David and Callie, waiting for the kids race to get started.

We saw the Maggiores there. Anna (on the left) is their own little CHKD miracle girl! We were happy to be able to support CHKD!
Here's the whole Maggiore family!
The Schrodt family runners!!!! Josiah ran most of the race. It was pretty hot, so every now and then, he said he wanted to stop and walk for a few seconds. Literally - he'd say "let's walk for 12 seconds," then he'd start counting down backwards from 12. When he got to 0, he started running again. He did great!!! Jacob declared this morning that he did not want to run - he only wanted to ride in the stroller fast!!! So David pushed Callie and Jacob!!!
Here's Callie clapping for the runners as they finished up - have I got her trained well or what?
The boys and their finisher medals! I was so proud of them!!! It was SUCH a fun morning!! Then it was OFF to Josiah's first T-Ball practice/game!!!


Courtney said...

awesome!!! looks like so much fun! and a great morning - glad parts of it were shady. how fun that you ran it together! i love it!

anthonyandbeth said...

i love all the pictures! you and david look so cute together and the kids are adorable as always! looks like it was a fun morning for ALL of you! ;)

Judy said...

How fun to race as a family! It sounds like you're raising a littler runner too! Great pictures of everyone!

Natalie said...

You and Dave look great!!!! I am sure this was a ball:)

Ward Blog said...

great job......i was out running early sat monring, should have joined in with everyone at the CHKD race.....oh well......maybe one day we will all run one together!!!!

Mandy said...

Congratulations on finishing your first race together! Sounds like everyone had a blast! Again, what a day...whew!

The Smith's said...

I found your blog through Courtney. Your husband looks very familiar...did he go to Liberty?

The Stein Family said...

Ya'll are an inspriation -- so awesome to make it a family thing. That's great that the boys are wanting to follow in such a healthy (and fun) thing!

Heidi said...

Good for you guys!! Glad your hubby could keep up with you:)