Monday, June 2, 2008

More fun with Grandmommy

Totally cracks me up - my boys and their 74 year old grandmother eating popsicles outside together! LOVE it! (and yes, they are those nasty, push up, sugar water ones from the grocery store...i always make my own, and last week, Josiah thought it would be such a HUGE treat if we bought these nasty push up ones...apparently a neighbor had them last summer and the kids thought the pushing up was SO cool. Whatever...the little things right!)

Jacob, Grandmommy, and David playing "Walk the Dogs" before bed. We just love this game!
David and his mom played Scrabble together while I cooked for a client. I was not sad at all to miss out - I'm TERRIBLE at this game. They grew up playing it and totally love it. David actually beat his mom 296 to 280 - or something crazy. I probably have never even gotten 100 points..I'm terrible, really. Don't have the patience for it, I think.


Judy said...

It's so sweet to see the boys with their Grandmommy! I'm sure she's cherishing these times together! I love the picture of her eating a popsicle with them! She's a great sport...I hate the way those taste, but the kids love them!

Jen said...

I am a Scrabble fanatic, but Joe feels like you about it. Looks like a fun time with Grandmommy.

Heather J said...

That's funny, we play games like crazy with my parents too. On the Judd side we often play Speed Scrabble.... you don't know how bad you are at Scrabble til you are racing -UGH!!!

the mccollums... said...

looks like you guys had a great time...David looks like her a lot...and I love her savy outfits...what a stylish Grandmommy!!