Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Things you should never say to a Mom...

This was published in the Tribune on Mother's Day. They cracked me up:

Sheila Vuckovich said "I am blessed with seven planned, prayer-for and adored children. For some reason, the size of my family makes people think they can ask the rudest questions." Here is my Top 5 questions you should never ask a Mom:

1. Yes, they all have the same father (25 years of marriage and he still digs me!)
2. Yes, I know what causes it.
3. Yes, I would like to have more.
4. Yes, we own a TV.
5. No, one of us is not going to get fixed! (We are not broken).

Also replying was Julie Adams, mother of 3 children under the age of 4 (this sounds VERY familiar!!!). She says that she hears almost daily "You have your hands full!". She said she is tempted to respond by saying "And you don't! So be a peach and hold the door.".

This cracked me up - especially the last part. I'm not kidding - I hear that comment almost daily. I know we are quite a sight to behold - me and the 3 of my kids and sometimes an extra kid or two with me at the grocery store, or at the gym, or anywhere for that matter. But STILL!!


The Stein Family said...

I totally agree I hate, "you're lucky - one girl, one boy, now you can stop." Like I'm taking a poll on family planning!

Jen said...

I always find it amazing that people feel they must say something.

Judy said...

I had to take Emma, Abby, Nate and Christian to one of my prenatal appointments when I was pregnant with Christian. When I was sitting in the waiting room a woman actually walked up to me and said; "OMG your pregnant again! Don't you have anything better to do." I was totally embarassed b/c she said it loud enough for the entire world to hear. I felt like I should explain that they were not all mine, but I quickly decided that I could care less what she thought. It is amazing what people will say!