Thursday, June 12, 2008


Sorry I don't have a more exciting title. Been a fun day today. Callie slept in until 8:30 this morning (bizarre...threw me totally off), so we went to the gym for my run a bit late. We were heading out afterwards to go to the beach and ran into Jamie and her clan, so we persuaded them to ditch the pool and come to the beach with us!!! We had a great time at the beach along with Sue and her kids (it was the FIRST time she took all 3 to the beach!!!) - it was so fun. I love days like that! Came home, got everyone cleaned up, boys had a great nap, Callie not so much (I'm sure the sand all over her kept her from sleeping past an hour)...hoping they make it through band practice tonight. But it's been a good day!!! After all, it was David's first day of summer vacation...and he spent it working! He's doing some painting for some friends of ours, and when we get back from our trip, he's going to work for a painter the rest of the summer. He's GREAT at it, and it allows him to have a bit of a break from the school stuff on his summer vacation (oh, and he's taking precalculus this summer to finish his minor in math)...

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