Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy Fake Monday!

The Tuesday after a long weekend always feels like Monday to me. We had such a GREAT long weekend - lots of pictures to post with later. Just a quick check in because I've got to get my house in order - our small group is meeting over here tonight, so I have a FEW things to try and get in order after all our FUN FUN FUN this weekend! My run this morning was a hard one - I don't know if it was the heat, or if my legs were tired from yesterday's run, or WHAT - but I skipped Mile 6 and stopped with 5 miles. Oh well. After Callie's morning nap (which always has to be abbreviated on Tuesdays), we headed to our last storytime of this session (hence the reason callie has to be woken up early on tuesdays). It was great fun and then we headed to the pool with the Judd boys. Other than my kids being upset that the judd boys weren't coming HOME with us, it was a GREAT morning! :) Now, off to clean!

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