Thursday, May 22, 2008

DVR Disaster!!

Big finale night last night - Idol's finale was on, and it was so GREAT! We started watching at about 8:45 (we don't watch anything live anymore) and really enjoyed the show. David's (my husband, that is) favorite part was the George Michael medley - he thought it was great. When they first started the song, he got all excited and said "they HAVE to have him here tonight...George Michael's got to be here!" He loved it. So then we get to the final moment - the announcement of who the winner is. Ryan Seacrest says, "And the winner...of American Idol" and our DVR clicks off!!! The show ran long, and I never set the DVR to tape it 5-10 minutes over the allotted time (like sometimes I'm smart enough to do). It was hilarious! Literally - it cut off RIGHT before announcing the winner. Luckily, we live in the age of technology and were able to run into the office and pull up on the computer who the winner was. Very exciting. Good thing I voted 15 times the other night!! We missed his final song though, and it wasn't up on youtube last night, so I'll have to check tonight to here it.


Judy said...

That's hysterical!! I was watching last night and am glad David Cook won! It was a great moment.

Jayne said...

That's so funny, it happened to us too, but thankfully we were watching it live at that point as we started in a little late, but eventually had caught up to live. Trevor immediatley began taping so we could go back and watch it several times. What a finale!!!! And the right David won. Can't wait to pick up the new CD soon!

Heather J said...

That happened to us too, but at that point, we were live so I didn't miss it. I was disappointed that Archuletta didn't win, but not that much - I like Cook too.... I was so excited about George Michael too - I used to be a HUGE fan -but I thought he looked TERRIBLE!!!!

Gotta LOVE dvr!!!!!!!!!