Saturday, February 22, 2014

Walking down Memory Lane

We continued down memory lane as we went to see Grace Community Church- the church where my Mom's dad and mom (Keith and Jean Hill) served in ministry.  Mom had many memories that came back once we were walking on the property - some even surprised her! Granddad Keith served as the Music Pastor alongside of his best friend, Guy Davidson.  Guy and his wife Martha founded this church and they served here for a long time.  Guy Davidson was doing the memorial service for Aunt Debbie on Sunday - he has been a longtime family friend.
This room used to be the sanctuary many years ago - this is the room where Gigi's service was held back in 1978.

 Also there in Tempe was the hospital where Kelli was born!! Kelli came early after a Sunday night concert. My dad wasn't even there - he had gone back to work in Yuma and then my Mom went into labor!  We all laughed at how ironic it would be if Anna Sue came early and was born in the same hospital as her mom...

 I couldn't resist bringing Kelli a few "pink" things for Baby Anna!

 Mom brought us some precious pictures of her mom and dad
I think she said that Gigi was 16 in this picture :)
That night, we were able to have dinner with Mom's cousins - Ray and Barbara Brown.  They are hilarious and it was SO good to see them and spend a few hours talking with them!  Kim and Kelli remember much more from when they were kids - Kristen and I weren't born yet during many of the memories they were talking about - but there is something so sweet about hearing family talk and laugh about memories...precious family time.

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