Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sisters Are...

 Sunday morning...and we headed to a wonderful, leisurely breakfast!  It was such a treat to sit around the table with these women, my sisters, my Mom.  God has blessed us so much.  We ate at an incredible restaurant called Mimi's Cafe - delicious!!! The most amazing croissants!
 It's a totally different landscape in Arizona - but gorgeous.
My mom gave us all these beautiful silver bracelets.  The charm on it says "Sisters Are..." and on the other side it says "Forever Friends".  The hilarious thing is that when we first opened them, we saw the side that says "Sisters Are..." but nobody thought to turn it over!  So we were laughing about how you can fill in the blank with however your mood is that day! Sisters are fun...sisters are frustrating...sisters are too loud...etc :).  Then Mom says "No girls! Turn it over!  Sisters are forever friends!"  It was hilarious.  No fill in the blank options - sisters are forever friends!  :) The bracelets are such a beautiful reminder of how special my sisters are and how grateful I am that God gave me three of them!

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