Friday, February 21, 2014

Phoenix - here we come!!

My Mom's sister, Debbie, passed away a few weeks ago after a long, second fight with cancer.  When we heard that the cancer was back last summer, we knew that she was not going to have much longer.  We got the news at the end of January that her fight was finally over and that she was finally with Jesus.  My heart was broken for my Mom - Debbie was her only sister, and both her parents are already with Jesus.  My sisters and I all said immediately that as soon as we new the details for her memorial service, we all wanted to be there for my Mom.  The only question was Kelli - her due date was approaching quickly, but she did NOT want to miss this special time.

Details were set, plans set into motion, plane tickets bought, arrangements made, and the arrivals began!!  Mom arrived first, Kimberly was next, and then I made it in (my flight was delayed...ugh).  Kelli and Kristen were on the same flight and were the last ones to arrive shortly before midnight!

 We were SO relieved to see them walk through that gate!  Kelli is 35 weeks pregnant, and although the doctor said she was okay to fly, we were all a little bit nervous - especially Kristen!  Kelli said she kept her jacket in front of her to "disguise" her condition...I'm not sure anyone was fooled!

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