Saturday, February 15, 2014

Our favorite NC people!

This can only mean one thing - Addison is here!  :)  We're ALL happier when our favorite NC peeps come to visit!!

Where else would we head? The zoo!  I can't help it - it's the best place for a group of 8 kids of varying ages to get to be outside and run around and have fun!  :)
Harrison was cracking me up - he is totally a middle schooler - he was instagraming the whole time!  :)

Judah LOVES Mrs. Beth!
Jackson and Josiah on the ROCK!
And Jacob too!

Attempting the palm trees - they were like little monkeys!

These kids have known each other their whole lives - Beth and I met in the halls of the nursery at church when Harrison was 15 months and Josiah was 10 months - and now look how big they are...and how many of them there are!!  :)

Callie, Jackson, Addison, Harrison, Caleb, Jacob, Josiah, and Judah

I MEAN - check that tongue OUT!!!

Harrison was so sweet with Judah - and Judah LOVED him!
Time for a selfie!  :)

i LOVE her.  We have done some life together...and i look forward to doing much more!!

What a GREAT morning!  I was SO glad they still came down!  Beth was snowed in all week, but I convinced her to head south and we were SO glad she did!!

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