Monday, February 17, 2014


Our friendship with this family is timeless.  We have now lived in separate cities longer than we ever lived in the same city, and yet I still pretend we are neighbors.  Our kids pick up where they left off.
Our girls are certainly happy as larks when together :)
These two are just like their mommas - happy to be together!

Enjoying a little football in the park

The visits are never long enough, but always filled with so much fun and laughter and LONG talks on the couch - I LOVE them!!

Our big boys are getting oh so big!

Nice photobomb Caleb!
 Jackson wanted to just take Judah with him!
Judah would have liked to go - especially if Princess was going!!
Beth had everyone loaded up, ready to head back, and started looking around for Jackson.  We found him across the cul-de-sac, sitting by the neighbor's mailbox...hiding in his shirt.  He didn't want to leave, and we didnt' want him to!  But until the next visit, we LOVE you, Williams family!!!

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