Saturday, February 22, 2014

Visiting Gigi's Gravesite

Gigi (my Mom's mom) died of cancer before I was born.  Actually Mom was pregnant with me but didn't know it.  Gigi was the one that said to my mom "It would be so nice if you ever had another girl to have a Katy to go along with Kim and Kelli".  She was buried in Tempe and Mom had never been back to see her gravesite.  Mom and my sisters and I were all really glad to get to go see it while we were all here in Arizona.

Beloved Christian Wife, Mother
Jean Bond Hill
Born 1926 Coronation 1978
I Shall Live in His Presence Psalm 116:9 LB

We LOVED that it said "coronation" next the year that she died - what a great way to see that day!!
Also got a kick out of the fact that she wanted it stated on her stone that she read from the Living Bible translation!  She was a fiesty one :).
Forgive my travelling clothes...because my flight was delayed, they lost my luggage and it had not been returned yet....
The mountains everywhere were so beautiful - it was such a gorgeous, calm setting

Love these ladies and love getting to spend these sweet days together talking through some memories!!

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