Friday, August 9, 2013

The Behind the Scenes Tour of the State House!

Josiah and David were invited to join our friends, the McRoberts, for a behind the scenes, all-access tour of the State House!  They were so excited!  Josiah went here on a field trip with school last year, but he was thrilled to get to go see stuff that is usually closed to the public :)

 Joey and Josiah are "bruthas from anotha mutha" as they like to say.  Great friends :)
 I didn't get to go so I'm going to have to ask Josiah to fill in the blanks on these pictures for the blog book!  :)

 The floor of the Senate

 NOBODY gets to hold this - it was a REALLY big deal!  See the gloves?  :)

 They were allowed to go up inside of the was apparently a LONG way up!  and HOT!

They LOVED it and had a great time!

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sandi said...

that is so cool to be able to go up into the dome.