Saturday, August 10, 2013

Caleb & Judah's Pool Party

After a quite the rainy summer, we were blessed with a gorgeous day for Caleb & Judah's pool party to celebrate their birthdays!  It makes it so easy - we can all swim, go in and out of the clubhouse for AC relief, food, etc - it's such a great set up!

 Enjoying some watermelon and mac & cheese
 One of our friends, Mark, brought his two little girls to the party.  He told me when he came in that he accidentally bought a plastic tablecloth instead of tissue paper at the store to put in the gift bag.  We laughed...but then when we were getting ready for cake time, I was SO thankful that he got a plastic tablecloth - I pulled it out and laid it on the floor underneath Judah's high chair!  :)
 The birthday boys!!

 He dove right in.  Knew exactly what to do!  :)

 The pool will wash us off, right?  
 Caleb & Wilson
 Saree and Victor
(Saree was born on the same day as Caleb...just a few hours earlier!  They were new to the church at the time and when one of my friends visited, they said "you'll have to meet Nadine!  She's just down the hall from you and just had her baby girl!"  :)  And the rest is history!
 It was SO much fun having all these friends in the baby pool with us!!!
 Judah and Sloan were having a heart to heart talk :)
 We didn't do presents at the party - too much chaos and the kids just wanted to swim!  Jacob was VERY anxious to help Judah open a few presents, so we let them open a few later that afternoon.

 It was such a fun day celebrating these two little guys!!

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sandi said...

those cupcake pictures are hysterical! what a great mix up with the tissue paper and table cloth ~ worked great to catch those crumbs. pool parties are always a blast for kids. happy late birthday!