Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mom Gets a Break Day

Every year, I put it on the summer list.  And every year, its one of the last things to check off because it is rather difficult.  I want ONE day where I get to take a break.  Not make meals, not give baths, not clean up - just get away and get a break!  David was so sweet to take the day off - with the Greece trip coming up, our days were dwindling and he wanted to give me this gift before being gone for two weeks!  I was so grateful!  I headed out to a massage (I had been saving this gift card for such a day as this!!) and David took the kids down to the riverwalk! (I'm pretty sure they didn't even notice I wasn't there!)

 I love how he still crosses his feet like this.  Wonder when he will grow out of it? He does it ALL the time when he sits - in the car seat, stroller, high chair.  I'm convinced he was in my belly that way :)

 A little piano lesson with Jacob
Then I had to call David to come rescue me.  I was driving his car and the battery died. Ugh.  So he came up to try and jump me....I had to put my mommy hat back on and take four cranky, tired, and hungry kids across the street to Moe's to eat while David got me a new battery.  Two hours later, I left AGAIN to finish my day and left David with the kids :).  I got my hair cut, nails done - it was wonderful!  I even ate at a restaurant by myself - and I LOVED IT!!  Loved the quiet, loved not having to feed anyone cheerios, loved not playing i spy while we waited for food!  Go figure!

Our neighborhood was having a skating party that night, so I had to be home by 5 pm, but my day was wonderful and I was SO grateful!!  :)

 Callie took a break from skating to come say hi to her biggest fan!

 Caleb did much better with the Fisher Price skates than the real ones he tried a few weeks ago!
We had a great time meeting some new neighbors and spending time with our families!!  So thankful for the amazing neighborhood we live in!!

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sandi said...

so glad you got to have a few hours to yourself, even if it was interrupted. sorry about the car battery though.