Sunday, August 4, 2013

4 on August the 4!!

Caleb has been saying for months now that he will be "four on August the 4!"  Cutie pie.  He did indeed turn 4 - he is so fun!!  His personality is totally coming out - he seems to have quite the sense of humor. He is awfully grown up, but still such a sweet little boy.  I could totally eat him up and am so glad I still have another year with him at home!!

We took some little donut holes for him to share with his friends in his sunday school class, and when we came home he got to open his gifts from our family.

Some more "guys!"

A ninja turtle set!

I think Callie's expression was as a result of us telling her to BACK OFF and let CALEB do it!!  :)
A new DS game from Tutu!  (He plays his brother's DS and so she thought he should have a game just for him!)
It's Leonardo!  :)
Later that afternoon, I laid down for a nap - still exhausted from Spartanburg - and David let the kids play outside in the hose and slip and slide :)

Poor Judah...relegated to spectator

After helping me with the frosting, Caleb put his new guys on top of his cake.

Happy Birthday to you!!!

Happy 4th Birthday to my Caleb Isaac.  You bring so much laughter to our home and I can't imagine it without you.  You love to hang with the big boys, and yet are still such a sweet little cuddle bug.  You still LOVE to play with Callie, and poor Judah doesn't ever get any space because you just LOVE to be right with him too!  I know that God has big plans in store for you and I pray that you will follow him with your WHOLE heart!  I love you like crazy!

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