Monday, August 5, 2013


You wanna know what good friends I have?  When David and I were gone at Choral Festival, I got a text from my friend that was keeping Callie and Jacob - they had lice!!  UGH! I could have died.  I mean DIED!!! I felt terrible.  We've never had it before, still don't have a clue where they got it from, but just felt terrible!  Had to text everyone that was keeping a schrodt kid and have them check - everyone else was fine - and then my sweet friends swooped in and got the treatment from the pediatrician, got their heads cleaned up, changed their clothes out, and STILL KEPT THEM for us until we got home the next day from our conference.  Amazing right?  I know.  Blessed.

 On Monday, we spent pretty much the WHOLE day dealing with lice related stuff.  Doing another thorough treatment and check on EVERYONE's heads - mine and David's too!  Washing EVERYTHING in the house in HOT water and HIGH heat in the dryer (our poor thermostat upstairs was over 80 bc of all the heat from the laundry room), bagging up everything stuffed that couldn't be washed, vaccuuming all carpet and upholstery, cleaning out the car, etc, etc. I cut the boys hair shorter to help with the checking, but that wasn't going to help me with Callie!
 She was such a trooper though.  They all were.  I was determined to do a SUPER thorough job so that we could get RID of it and not have it drag on forever.  The stuff the doctor gave me was awesome!
This little guy was not a fan of having to sleep with the treatment and shower cap in his hair, but he managed :)

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sandi said...

oh my, now those are some great friends! we have never dealt with that, but did have 28 children sent home last year in one day with them. it's just one of those things that comes with having little ones I guess. glad it did not happen during the school year!