Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A date with Judah

Date with Judah was one of the last things on our "list", so I scheduled a morning for David to take him to the Little Gym.  They always offer those "free trial" classes, and so I thought it would be the perfectly fun little morning together!

 David thought it was all a little silly...these overly dramatic "teachers" trying to "teach" him how to play with his child....let's just say David's not ready to enroll in these classes....he was a trooper though and Judah enjoyed himself!

 Working on his Olympic routine on the parallel bars

 David said he just loved crawling around and exploring everything.  The teacher commented about how surprised she was that he was so comfortable with everything.  Apparently alot of kids come in very shy and reserved.  David explained that he has 4 older siblings and that seemed to explain a lot :)

 Almost ready for the balance beam!

 He LOVED the bubbles!  Totally captivated!

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