Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Boys' Adventure - Great Falls

While we girls had our own date, the boys headed out to Great Falls for their kind of date!  See how bundled up they were?  It was shockingly cold that week!  

 I went hiking here with my dad in high school, and remembered enough to know that they would LOVE it!  I was sort of jealous that I didn't get to go because I haven't been back since but would love to see it again!

 These were the pictures David started texting to me and my mom...just to freak us out a little bit...
 ...with captions like "almost lost Jacob on this one, but we caught him at the last minute."  Oh my word.

 And he's supposed to be the responsible one!

They LOVED it and had a GREAT time!  It was the perfect outing for them!

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