Sunday, April 28, 2013

Callie's Baptism

We were so excited about this special day - Callie has been telling EVERYONE for the last two weeks about this day!  It took a little bit of logistical maneuvering, but it happened!  David needed to arrange the service in such a way as to allow him to lead worship, have someone else do another baptism in order to give him chance to get back to the room and baptize Callie.  It worked out that another couple was on the schedule to be baptized today, and so April 28 it was for Callie! 

 THIS is what happens when you put Jacob in charge of taking pictures :)

I had told Callie to make sure she looked out to see the people that were excited to watch this special day.  And she did :).  David shared a little bit about Callie and her decision to follow Christ.  It was such a special moment for him as well.
 It was such a special moment for David to be able to baptize it.  

 Not a dry eye in the house :)  So proud of you Callie!  I pray that you are ALWAYS as proud and exuberant about following Jesus as you are today!!

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