Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mt. Vernon

Another thing that we hadn't ever gone to see was Mt. Vernon - where George Washington lived!   Mom says that she took us when we were little (probably on President's Day when it was free or something!), but I didn't really remember it.  We were all excited to go check it out!

 The kids were at such a neat age to see all this.  We kept telling them "THIS is where George Washington walked!"  They loved it!
 I love our backyard, but THIS backyard view is unbelievable!

 See this wall?  It was a hidden wall!  From the other side of the hill, you couldn't see it at all - just looked like the hill continued to slope down.  It was the coolest thing.  
 Saw some of the animals behind the house.  Sheep..
 Some pigs :)
 This face of George Washington was made in such a way that wherever you walked, it looked like his eyes were following you!  Very cool!
 The slaves quarters

 Me and Mom

 Walked through the museum - so much history.  Fascinating to me.

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