Saturday, April 6, 2013

Jacob's Soccer Game

This soccer season has been great and insane all at the same time.  Everyone has absolutely LOVED it, has learned a lot, and played really well.  But it has been crazy because we've got 3 kids playing, two of us are coaching two teams, and we can only be so many places.  Thankfully, although we may be all over the fields, at least we are all at the SAME field!!  

Caleb's games were always at 9 am.  Jacob's games were always at 10 am.  Callie's games were at either 9 or 10 am.  I coached Caleb and David coached Callie.  So David saw Caleb play a couple of times (when Callie played at 10) and saw Jacob play a couple of times (when Callie played at 9).  I never got to really watch Callie's game, because either she was playing the same time I was coaching, or I was watching Jacob (since David was with Callie, I felt like at least she had one parent with her).  Crazy.  But fun :)
 Jacob played really well this season.  He had a phenomenal coach that really taught him and took him to the next level.  

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